30 years of KARNAK® history

Our project began in 1990 with the birth of the company KARNAK Srl based in Milan (Italy).
Our mission is to develop technology to increase vitality and activate cell regeneration through recognized biophysical scientific principles applied to living beings.

Our scientific connotations have opened the doors to collaboration with scientists, researchers and university luminaries. So in 2017 was born in Milan the company KARNAK MEDICAL Srl that deals with research, development and production of our internationally patented technologies dedicated to BioPhysics, Neuroscience and the medical sector.

In 2018, we achieve a milestone that crowns our entire project: scientific recognition in the medical field as well, with the achievement of the latest medical certification.

Today, KARNAK HEALTH is the natural meeting point offering our technological devices to individuals, holistic and healthcare professionals worldwide!


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02 April 2024

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Our Devices

KARNAK's technology is the result of more than 25 years of scientific research, know-how, realization of patents and development of biotechnologies applied to living beings.

Our well-being devices UNIWAVE® Home Wellness Line and KARNAK® Professional Wellness Line are dedicated exclusively to improving well-being.

The KARNAKMED® medical device differs from the well-being models UNIWAVE® Home Wellness Line and KARNAK® Professional Wellness Line in terms of its intended use: in that it treats and cures pathologies, in that it is exclusively intended for use by health care professionals, in that it is exclusively intended for use in health care facilities, in that it performs at a higher level, and in the type of parts applied.

The manufacturer disclaims responsibility for any incorrect use of the above technologies.


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Line dedicated to healthcare professionals

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The purpose of KARNAK devices is to restore the potential and functionality of our cells to full expression, activate cellular self-repair and regeneration with direct action at the source of the cellular electromagnetic imbalance, to recover and maintain a state of well-being.

In recent years, I have patented and created certified medical product lines for professional use intended for health professionals that allow direct action on the causes of the pathology and on the symptom allowing a global and integrated interaction that also increases the effectiveness of the different therapies planned in the therapeutic pathway of each patient.

Elio Muti

Elio Muti - Karnak Health Founder

News and events

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02 April 2024

Buy and pay in 3 monthly interest-free instalments!

You can pay in 3 months for our device purchases with your credit card and bank account.

Learn about PayPal's "Pay in 3 months" option.


21 July 2023

Interview on La Repubblica: "The technological innovation that gives vitality to cells"

KARNAK MEDICAL Srl: the Milan-based company of Founder and Ceo Elio Muti has invented and developed scientific devices for the health and well-being of living beings


25 January 2023

Elio Muti interviewed on TV for Pole Position (Sky ITA channel 511)

KARNAK Medical is in Pole Position in the international Biotechnology and Neuroscience field.


09 January 2023

The capital increase of KARNAK MEDICAL Srl is a great success!

KARNAK MEDICAL S.r.l. completes the capital increase with a capital raising of 168K euros in 2022 for 291K euros in total from 2018.


23 March 2023

Radio interview with Elio Muti for Story Time

Elio Muti, CEO & Founder of KARNAK Medical, reviews the origins of the patented cell regeneration project.


10 January 2022

Interview: "There is a natural technology to enhance one's sports performance"

KARNAK® technology improves quality of life, enhances natural and immune defenses by activating our body's functions.


21 October 2021

Interview: "We use electromagnetic signals and light to regenerate our body's cells"

Elio Muti presents KARNAK® technology in the interview with BacktoWork Magazine

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