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KARNAK Origins, Experience and Innovations in Biofrequency and Neuroscience

Our History

The awareness of how essential it is to consider the vibrational aspect of the matter of each living being and its origins, lays the groundwork to be able to address health issues by acting directly on the causes and not on the symptom.



KARNAK S.r.l. is born, an Italian company based in Milan.

KARNAK S.r.l. was founded to disseminate and deepen the studies and knowledge on biofrequencies produced by living beings. The purpose is to divulge the scientific principles at the base of the evolution of the human being thanks to the theories and scientific laws based on the principles of electromagnetism and quantum physics with particular dedication to the futuristic principles of "PsychoBioPhysics" realized by Prof. Ing. Marco Todeschini.



Beginning of experimentation

Over the years, research and experimentation, supported by scientific publications on biofrequencies and university research conducted on KARNAK ® devices, have meant that, since the early nineties, the company was not limited to the dissemination but developed its own know-how and intellectual property for the design and manufacture of devices for the well-being based on a natural and non-invasive biophysical approach.



Beginning of commercialization

KARNAK offers new technological solutions to approach the new millennium and the interference that technological progress causes on the psychophysical balance of living beings.
A new generation of instruments: natural activators of well-being through resonance.
Instruments that recreate the natural conditions for the psychophysical well-being of the organism.
The human body generates frequencies to support the processes of the organism; by resonance these frequencies can be read - then screened - where it is detected with great precision in which frequencies the organism is deficient and therefore unable to generate them independently.
Development and production are made entirely in Italy in full respect of safety and with the highest quality (choice of materials and suppliers); the natural consequence is a very long life cycle and high reliability and effectiveness.



KARNAK MEDICAL S.r.l. is born

Our scientific connotations have opened the door to collaboration with scientists, researchers and university luminaries. So, from years of experience and expertise in biotechnology applied to living beings, the inventor and founding partner Elio Muti in 2017 creates KARNAK MEDICAL S.R.L. that deals with research, development and production of our internationally patented technologies dedicated to the medical and health sector.
It was born from there shortly the new generation technology that raises, at higher levels, the biofrequency method KARNAK ® already established in the field of wellness for over 30 years.
The company, based in Milan, Italy, soon becomes an Innovative Start-up thanks to the high technological value achieved with the realization of an Italian Industrial Invention Patent extended internationally.
The proprietary Know-how and the patented technological developments allow us to realize high performance product lines in the therapeutic field.



We obtain the CE medical marking

In 2018 we reach a milestone that crowns our entire cell regeneration project: the scientific recognition by obtaining the medical certification.
The CE medical certified line is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health for therapy with pulsed electromagnetic fields and photobiostimulation.



KARNAK HEALTH is the natural meeting point that offers our technological devices to individuals, professionals and healthcare professionals all over the world!

We are able to offer innovative and high quality technological solutions, together with the intellectual properties developed (patents and know-how) that make our companies a reference point in the biofrequency sector.


Our operations are not limited to humans but to all living beings.

  • 34 Years of history
  • 25+ Years of research and development
  • 15 Registered Patents
  • 1,000+ Customers using our devices
  • 37 Countries in the world where we have a presence
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