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23 February 2020

Conference "Quantum Medicine: Frequencies for therapy and psychophysical rehabilitation"

Second course with accreditation for healthcare professionals with workshop and practical application


On February 23rd, 2020 the Conference dedicated to Quantum Medicine and KARNAKMED technology frequencies for treatment and therapy took place in Milan.


We would like to thank all the participants who contributed to the success of the event, the publisher EdiErmes who organized and hosted the event and the lecturer Prof. Spaggiari for the scientific divulgation and the dedicated workshop.


Event presentation

The most recent scientific discoveries in Medicine and Quantum Physics together with the teachings of several Nobel Prize winners show how important is the biophysical aspect of the human organism. In particular, cells and neurons use electrical and magnetic stimuli as a form of intra and extra-cellular communication. These factors determine the functional conditions of each organ system and the health of the entire organism.


The use in physiotherapy and rehabilitation of the most advanced technologies that employ the principles of Quantum Medicine allow a direct action on the causes of the pathology as well as on the symptom allowing a global and integrated interaction.


The course delves into the basics of the interaction between the body's cells and the therapeutic frequencies that activate cellular regeneration and accelerate the functional recovery of the organic, osteo-articular, postural and immune systems while respecting the individuality of each patient.



Prof. Piergiorgio Spaggiari Physician and Surgeon - Specialist in Sports Medicine, Milan

Former University Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Milan

Former Assistant to the President of the National Research Council (CNR) and researcher of the Institute of Advanced Biomedical Technologies of the CNR

Former Contract Professor at the University of Milan, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

Former Contract Professor at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome

Former Extraordinary Professor Chair of Sports Medicine at San Raffaele University of Rome

Former General Manager of the "Gaetano Pini" Orthopaedic Institute of Milan

Workshop Assistant: Elio Muti



• Know the fundamentals and biophysical principles that regulate the body's functional and self-repairing processes

• Learn and know how to apply therapeutic electromagnetic frequencies that promote the rehabilitation pathway

• Apply Quantum Medicine in a practical and immediate way through innovative technologies


Topics covered

Prof. Piergiorgio Spaggiari

• From Classical Physics to Quantum Physics

• Quantum Medicine

• The interaction between frequencies and cellular activity

• The fundamental role of water

• Interaction between electromagnetic fields and cells

• Fine electromagnetic waves applied in clinic for therapy and rehabilitation with practical session


Elio Muti

Workshop with therapeutic applications and focus frequencies recognized by Medicine


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