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10 January 2022

Interview: "There is a natural technology to enhance one's sports performance"

KARNAK® technology improves quality of life, enhances natural and immune defenses by activating our body's functions.


Interview by Dario Marchini for Runner's World Italy



There is a natural technology to enhance one's performance, but also to improve one's quality of life and increase natural defenses and immunity by remembering this and having our bodies do it directly.


When we talk about energy related to the running world, or much more generally
to the world of sports, we are used to considering several aspects.

Energy can be the amount of necessary forces we need to produce or support a given effort, such as those stored to be able to endure along the forty-two kilometers of a marathon or those needed to generate a lightning-fast sprint in running a hundred meters. But energy is also considered the amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that we take in and incorporate into our diet in order to have sufficient reserves to run longer and faster. Energy is all the calories we find out at the end of training that we have burned or the adaptations our body has to make to react to too much summer heat, by sweating, or winter cold, by raising the temperature. Various facets and different ways of looking at the same concept.

The human body continuously produces energy to regulate and stimulate all those vital, functional or restorative processes it needs. It is in constant motion. It never stops. That is why we need to nourish and supplement this continuous expenditure of energy. But as we analyze this mechanism more scientifically and in detail, we discover that it is actually sound frequencies (low frequencies, infrasound, epsilon waves, delta, theta, alpha, beta) and electromagnetic fields (think electrocardiogram or electroencephalogram, for example) that are the mechanisms that regulate all our vital processes. And it is precisely by also going to interact with these physical mechanisms that we may be able to make our bodies produce more natural energy.

“The human body is like any stringed instrument," explained Elio Muti, CEO & Founder of Karnak Medical, which has been working on biofrequency systems and quantum physics applied to human beings for more than 30 years. It vibrates, it generates frequencies. Like a guitar, it periodically needs to be "tuned" to resonate (and thus function) at its best. By knowing the cellular resonance frequency of every apparatus in the human body, it is possible to go and reactivate "de-tuned" cells, and consequently brain and organ processes, by sending an electrical information and magnetic potential (to remind them how to do it) and make the mitochondrion, i.e., the powerhouse of each of our cells, produce more ATP. And thus generate more energy. The result of these processes, for an athlete, is to experience much less fatigue. A runner, for example, might be able to perform the same performance but spend much less or improve his or her performance over the same distance. But also increase one's ability to recover, which means having fewer injuries and maintaining fitness longer.”.

Basically, when an external electromagnetic field interacts with the human body's electromagnetic fields, new chemistry can be created inside the body: it produces more melatonin, learns to repair trauma and recover at night, produces serotonin and improves mood, and produces more endorphins to counter pain..


Based on this knowledge, Elio Muti has created a series of natural tools for psychophysical well-being, capable of intervening on cells through neuronal stimulation: by reproducing the frequency of cellular vibration and through the creation of a magnetic field he reminds cells of their proper functioning and, thanks to the projection of beams of light (with gradations ranging from red to near-infrared) that penetrate the body and do not stop at the surface, communicates with them through the native cellular language consisting of phonons (sounds) and photons (light). "In essence," Elio Muti himself continued, "I have created a resonance tuning fork that can tune and harmonize the body's frequencies and increase cell functioning. By doing so we can optimize immune defenses, oxidation-reduction mechanisms, hormonal, cellular, biochemical and emotional activity, simply through the use of an innovative, scientific, non-invasive, safe and internationally patented technology. We are not talking about a machine, because machines are born to do something specific. In our case we are talking about a tool that can activate the body to make our body work directly. So we are in the presence of a new generation of tools: natural activators of psychophysical well-being”.


There are three lines of instrumentation produced by Karnak Medical. The first is a class IIa, CE0068-certified medical device for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and photobiostimulation (LLLT). Then, the Karnak line, professional instruments dedicated to the wellness and holistic sectors, which are used by professionals (physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists...) in parallel and in conjunction with therapy, to give greater effectiveness.


Finally, Uniwave, the spin-off of the medical line, dedicated to individuals with models for home use: K-Life, for recovery and maintenance of mental and physical well-being, which offers a set of four different preset programs for cellular regeneration (anti-aging),
counteracting stress (headaches, fatigue...), improving sleep quality, and a customized program for the user's specific needs; and K-Sport, dedicated to sports performance, which has four different preset programs to optimize performance, recovery, postural balance, and the cardiovascular-respiratory aspect. “The functionality is very simple”, Elio Muti showed us.

Inside a headset, which must be placed over the ears (as if listening to music, nda), an electromagnetic field is generated in the frequencies of infrasound, with a north pole and a south pole at either end acting simultaneously. The user chooses the program he or she prefers (with a standard duration of 30 minutes or a quick one of only 15 minutes), and based on his or her choice, a different sound frequency (inaudible to the human ear) is generated.

Simultaneously, again within the headphones, light is generated that goes to communicate with the cells to stimulate and enhance the functionality of vital, organic and self-repairing processes. Stimulating the organism with these infrasound frequencies, conversing in the native cellular language, causes the organism itself to react by developing a new frequency balance while respecting the uniqueness of each one. Natural frequencies can be regarded as a true language. And, like a real language, listening to them allows one to relearn what was known but then forgotten due to non-use or low energy potential available. In this way, the organism can relearn and make full use of the language of life and maximize its potential in daily life and during sports activity.
There is a natural technology to enhance one's performance, but also to improve the quality of life and enhance natural and immune defenses, by remembering it and having our bodies do it directly.


Elio Muti is a divulger and expert in the field of biotechnology applied to living beings, non-invasive technologies and, more specifically, biophysical aspects that determine the degree of psychophysical health. He has been involved in research and development in the field of subtle energies and Quantum Physics for more than 20 years. He is an inventor, entrepreneur and designer of innovative high-tech technologies and devices made for the field of wellness and Medicine.


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10 January 2022

Interview: "There is a natural technology to enhance one's sports performance"

KARNAK® technology improves quality of life, enhances natural and immune defenses by activating our body's functions.

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