03 November 2019

"Frequencies for Health" conference

Introducing KARNAKMED® technology for care and prevention

On November 3, 2019, just a few days after the evening dedicated to wellness, a conference was held in Bareggio (MI) dedicated to learning more about low frequencies used in medicine for treatment and prevention.


We were hosted by Dr. Marina Lombardi, a naturopath and master in natural medicine, who has been using KARNAK® technology with her patients for many years.


The new KARNAKMED® medical line is presented to the center's patients and health professionals in attendance.


We thank all the participants who contributed to the success of the event and Dr. Marina Lombardi's "Progetto Salute" who organized and hosted the event.


Event introduction

Discovering the frequencies that regulate and stimulate vital processes are the language of life.

KARNAKMED® patented technology and the range of new services for users in medical centers and health care facilities.



Elio Muti

Discloser and expert in the field of biotechnology applied to living beings, non-invasive technologies and, more specifically, biophysical aspects that determine the degree of psychophysical health. He has been involved in research and development in the field of subtle energies and Quantum Physics for over twenty years.

He is an inventor, entrepreneur and designer of innovative high-tech technologies and devices made for the field of well-being and Medicine.


Event Program

The Origin - The biophysical aspect of the human body: origin of electromagnetism in the human body, human frequencies and the use of biofrequencies in medicine

The Frequencies - What they are and their nature: frequencies and their shape (with movie), difference between frequency and wave, nature of frequencies, frequencies with which we interact daily

The Resonance - How cells react to frequencies: cell communication, cell membrane potential, stress and potential loss, concept of the "Minimum Stimulus," a biophysical push toward full potential

KARNAKMED® - Discover the therapy that works at the origin of health: natural harmonization technology, resonance tuning, benefits and benefits achievable with KARNAKMED® technology, Insight into programs and frequencies.


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