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Legislative Decree no. 46 of 24 February 1997 - Article 21

  1. Advertising to the public of devices which, according to provisions adopted by decree of the Minister of Health, may only be sold with a medical prescription or used with the assistance of a physician or other health professional is prohibited.

  2. Advertising to the public of devices other than those referred to in paragraph 1 is subject to authorization by the Ministry of Health. The Commission of Experts provided for by article 6, paragraph 3, of legislative decree no. 541 of 30 December 1992, shall express its opinion on authorization requests. To this end, the Commission shall be integrated by a representative of the Department of the Ministry of Health in charge of medical devices and by one of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts.

CE0068 certified Class IIa medical device dedicated to healthcare professionals.


Therapeutic treatment with PEMFT (pulsed electromagnetic fields) and LLLT (photobiomodulation) for different uses.

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10 therapeutic programs

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Selectable frequencies from 0.1 to 20 Hz with different waveforms

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Brain Therapy

BRAIN Set applicator for global action

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Body Therapy

BODY Set applicator for localized action

Brain Therapy

The KARNAKMED® medical device is equipped with an easy-to-use set of biofrequency programs. A cycle of 10 therapies twice a week is indicated. The benefits last even in the following days through the resonance effect.

Body Therapy

The KARNAKMED® medical device enables targeted, localized action on the body with a set of specially designed biofrequency programs. 

How KARNAKMED® therapy works

KARNAKMED® medical device is certified for treatment with Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapeutic Fields (PEMFT) and LED Photobiostimulation (LLLT) in different therapeutic uses.


The use of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFT) activates a frequency push toward the optimal potential on cellular and neuronal channel. The actual native cellular language is used to increase ATP energy production, which acts on the electrical values of the cell membrane. The diseased or deficient cell is then able to produce more energy and release the toxicity accumulated over time, this increases the capacity for functional recovery and maintenance of homeostasis.


Photobiomodulation (LLLT) known by the term Low Level Light Therapy is a key element that is able to to shift the electrical and magnetic balance of the diseased cell to that which belongs to the healthy cell. The light pulse is channeled directly into the magnetic field and is thus able to penetrate perfectly deep instead of being limited to only the outer layers of the skin as is the case with normal pulsed light.

Action is directed at the origin of biophysical imbalance and disease through the joint use of pulsed electromagnetic therapeutic fields (PEMFT) in the infrasound range (inaudible sounds) and led therapeutic photobiostimulation (LLLT) in the visible and near-infrared wavelengths.


  • The therapy is scientific, natural and non-invasive
  • Useful for both treatment and prevention
  • Applies the most advanced scientific protocols and acts on the cause of the disease


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