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KARNAK® Technology

The natural and non-invasive technology that respects your uniqueness

KARNAK technology is based on the importance of the vibrational aspect of the organism, i.e. the frequencies used by neurons and cells that are essential for brain and organ communication.

These vibrations can be harmonized in a natural way through a special resonance tuning in the native language of the cells.

A new generation of tools is born

Devices that activate cells.

The need to interact with the uniqueness of each living being has led to the need to conceive, develop and implement a new generation of machines that act exclusively on the vibrational framework of the organism by applying the scientific principles of cerebro-organic resonance, Quantum Physics and PsychoBioPhysics conceived by Eng. Marco Todeschini.

A new generation of internationally patented instruments is born: the Activators.

Every cell of our body has a specific vibration. When cells no longer produce sufficient energy, the electrical value of the cell membrane, measured in millivolts (mV), decreases and the cell becomes sick or degenerates.

KARNAK® devices interact with neuronal and organic cells because they communicate with the native language of our cells. An immediate communication that has the effect of tuning the cells and restoring their balance both frequency and energy.

The resonance, once activated, propagates throughout the body thanks to the high degree of diffusion of low frequencies in the biological water.

The effect is maintained for several hours at the end of the application and brings new information to the cells.
This allows to restart the functions that the body was not able to activate due to lack of information (frequency) or potential (cellular energy).

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