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Benefits with UNIWAVE®

With UNIWAVE®, cells and neurons receive a biophysical boost that enhances their functional potential and activates self-repair processes by promoting better cell communication.

UNIWAVE® devices

The ideal solution for daily life, sports and prevention through PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) and LLLT (photobiostimulation)


UNIWAVE® devices


Rediscover your well-being

  • Life

    Regenerates your cells and promotes deep relaxation

  • Sleep

    Improves the quality of rest at night

  • No Stress

    Stress reliever that relieves headaches and mental fatigue

Regain the potential to live every moment of your life to the fullest.


Improve the quality of your night's rest and boost your body's natural defenses.

Price from

€ 1600 + VAT

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UNIWAVE® devices


Recharge your cells to full potential

  • Sport

    Increases cellular ATP energy and optimizes performance

  • Recovery

    Promotes full recovery after physical exertion and helps eliminate accumulated toxicity from cells

  • Postural

    Postural rebalancing and stimulation of anti-oxidant processes

Boost your performance in sports, leisure and physical activity.


Eliminates conditioning, seasonal disorders, stress and allergies.


Effective action against pain and fatigue.

Price from

€ 1600 + VAT

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UNIWAVE® devices

UNIWAVE® Essential

The essentials for your well-being

  • Essential

    Diapason of vital functions

  • Life

    Regenerates cells and promotes deep relaxation

  • PLUS 1

    Custom function can be enabled on request

  • PLUS 2

    Custom function can be enabled on request

Regain the potential to live every moment of your life to the fullest.

Price from

€ 1200 + VAT

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Advantages with UNIWAVE®

How UNIWAVE® works

Every cell in our body vibrates at a specific frequency.
In fact, if we think of the electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram, instruments widely used in Medicine, it is easy to see that the cells and each area of our brain use specific frequencies..
It is precisely based on this scientific truth that it is possible to provide a natural stimulus to our cells and make them resonate-that is, make them interact with that stimulus and change their behavior.
UNIWAVE® is a very high-definition low-frequency generator capable of dialoguing directly with our cells and neurons in their native language through the principle of resonance in full respect of the uniqueness of each individual.
The device is equipped with a specially developed headset that emits the native neuronal and cellular frequencies composed of inaudible sounds (frequencies below 20 Hertz), this enables repolarization of the cerebral hemispheres and recovery of electromagnetic charges lost due to stress.
Signals travel throughout the body via transmission in the body water and reach all organs.
UNIWAVE® is a new concept and generation device that acts directly on the causes of the psycho-physical problem in a non-invasive and natural way by allowing the body not to delegate functionality to a machine but rather by acquiring the knowledge (the frequency alphabet) and keeping it active to continue the resonance effect independently.
The emission of electromagnetic fields at very low frequency makes the device usable at any time of the day and without side effects or addiction!


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