UNIWAVE® Essential

The essentials for your well-being

Regain the potential to live every moment of your life to the fullest.


The essential solution for recovering and maintaining your well-being.

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Tuning fork of essential cellular functions

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Helps cell regeneration and promotes deep relaxation

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Custom function can be enabled on request

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Custom function can be enabled on request


The UNIWAVE® ESSENTIAL device is prepared with 2 biofrequency programs as standard. It offers the possibility of customization with two additional protocols on demand for immediate use aimed at daily well-being.

How UNIWAVE® works

Every cell in our body vibrates at a specific frequency.
In fact, if we think of the electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram, instruments widely used in Medicine, it is easy to see that the cells and each area of our brain use specific frequencies..
It is precisely based on this scientific truth that it is possible to provide a natural stimulus to our cells and make them resonate-that is, make them interact with that stimulus and change their behavior.
UNIWAVE® is a very high-definition low-frequency generator capable of dialoguing directly with our cells and neurons in their native language through the principle of resonance in full respect of the uniqueness of each individual.
The device is equipped with a specially developed practical applicator that emits pulsed electromagnetic fields in the native neuronal and cellular frequencies below 20 Hertz, this enables biofrequency tuning and recovery of electromagnetic charges lost by cells due to stress.
The signals travel throughout the body via transmission in the body water.
UNIWAVE® is a new concept and generation device that acts directly on the causes of the psycho-physical problem in a non-invasive and natural way by allowing the body not to delegate functionality to a machine but rather by acquiring the knowledge (the frequency alphabet) and keeping it active to continue the resonance effect independently.
The emission of electromagnetic fields at very low frequency makes the device usable at any time of the day and without side effects or addiction!
The advantages with UNIWAVE®
  • Effective: restores the body's potential to the highest level
  • Unique: maximum interaction with the uniqueness of each individual
  • Intuitive: easy to use, allows interaction between operator and patient
  • Individual: personalized therapy, custom-made devices
  • Safe: acts with natural, non-harmful frequencies


UNIWAVE® devices belonging to the Home Well-being Line are not medical devices.

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You can pay in 3 months for our device purchases via PayPal with your credit card and bank account.

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