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21 July 2023

Interview on La Repubblica: "The technological innovation that gives vitality to cells"

KARNAK MEDICAL Srl: the Milan-based company of Founder and Ceo Elio Muti has invented and developed scientific devices for the health and well-being of living beings

Interview on La Repubblica:

Interview published in La Repubblica newspaper on 11 July 2023


The technological innovation that gives vitality to cells

KARNAK MEDICAL Srl > The Milan-based company of Founder and Ceo Elio Muti has invented and developed scientific devices for the health and well-being of living beings.


Over 30 years of research, inventions in the fields of Neuroscience and Medicine dedicated to the health of all living beings. Projects aimed at cell regeneration applying recognized biophysical scientific principles. Elio Muti, CEO and Founder of Karnak Medical srl and Karnak srl has initiated the KARNAK HEALTH project that aims to innovate Medicine with new internationally patented biophysical technologies aimed at the medical and health sector.

The origins of the project date back to the early 1990s when, at the time, these issues were considered by academics of the time to be equal to witchcraft. In 2018, the ambitious milestone was reached that crowns the entire project and the path followed all these years: scientific recognition by obtaining medical certification. The continuous scientific evolution has meant that today these futuristic achievements have been scientifically validated. Elio Muti is a popularizer, inventor, entrepreneur and designer of innovative high-tech technologies and devices made for the wellness and medical sectors, as well as solutions for sanitation, agriculture and animal husbandry.


"In the early 1990s," Elio Muti recounts, "we delved into the principles of biophysical functioning of the human body based on cerebral-organic communication, and we were true pioneers in this area of science, to the point that we preceded by several years the studies of American university academics fascinated by our early patents. We started by considering that the brain and heart emit weak electromagnetic signals that are used for diagnosis by electroencephalogram and electrocardiogram.
So we asked ourselves, is it possible that other organs also emit signals? Of course it is; in fact, it is well known that the brain is not only a thinking machine, but a real generator of electromagnetic signals that travel throughout the body thanks to the nervous system and biological water".

In discussing the workings of the human body, Muti reveals how the signals that regulate the vitality, functioning and self-repair of cells can for all intents and purposes be tuned on a par with the strings of a musical instrument. These signals operating in the frequency range of infrasound (inaudible sounds) are the basis of intra- and extra-cellular communication. In 1991, the company devised and then brought to market a technology that is now known in the clinical setting as transcranial magnetic stimulation, attracting the interest of the scientific community (particularly the University of Milan), which has conducted scientific research even on patients who are non-responders to drug treatments, noting great improvements.

Today there are more technological lines aimed at the health care field with the CE0068-certified Class IIa medical device for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and led photo-bio-stimulation (LLLT); the historic Karnak non-therapeutic wellness line aimed at professionals in the holistic and wellness field; and the Uniwave non-therapeutic wellness line, which is the affordable solution for everyone, intended for home and sports use for the well-being of the whole family.


The technology of the future already has a present!

A life spent on research in the name of health



"From the very beginning I understood that health is a primary good and therefore the importance of this project," says founder Elio Muti, "for which it was essential to be able to involve the university academic world in order to advance scientific research in Neuroscience. I believed and believe so much in this path and so many people every day support me and support our project." Underlying the recent innovations developed is an insight: to interact directly with the native language of brain cells and organs to address disease and the imbalances at their electromagnetic origin so as to correct that interference that impairs their balance and cellular functioning. "The further innovation was to incorporate sunlight, whose benefits have long been recognized, into the magnetic field. By doing so, the light is able to pass through the skin barrier and penetrate in more wavelengths inside our cells with an interaction of great benefit."


The medical device is certified for multiple uses, as the expert tells us: from insomnia to headache, from depression to pain therapy, to fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatism and tinnitus. But not only that, Muti in fact recounts experimental cases of success in neurodegenerative problems as well. The company uses an approach aimed at the origin of the problem: "We don't chase the symptom but act at the origin".


A new scientific perspective for the treatment of multiple diseases

The new frontier of Medicine is made in Italy

Today, the KARNAK HEALTH project is the benchmark of scientific innovation thanks to the thirty-year know-how and activities in addition to the numerous published patents that make the company Karnak Medical srl an Italian excellence and a point of reference in the panorama of biotechnology applied to living beings.
"We are elevating Italian technology by continuing to advance it with ongoing research and development so that international academics can participate in our projects dedicated
to the health of all living beings with applications in Medicine, Sports Medicine, Aesthetics, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. I also hope for more collaboration from Italian universities and Italian academics who for too long have looked at innovation from overseas when instead, as in this case, we can enhance what is excellent born in Italy and promote it around the world."
"Our scientific connotations," adds founder Elio Muti, "have opened doors for collaboration with researchers and scientists as well as university luminaries.
The KARNAK HEALTH project also offers the possibility of specialization with a real path of study for health qualification and the attainment of a degree in Quantum Science.


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21 July 2023

Interview on La Repubblica: "The technological innovation that gives vitality to cells"

KARNAK MEDICAL Srl: the Milan-based company of Founder and Ceo Elio Muti has invented and developed scientific devices for the health and well-being of living beings


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